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What does this acronym mean? I guess your answer is “Do It Yourself.” Yes, but this is just one of many answers. With the advent of internet and increase in knowledge via search engines, one can almost do everything by oneself. All you need to do is type in “how to…” and a thousand answers could be given by the search engine. It’s a good development; but not a better way or even the best!
‘Do It Yourself’ recently made someone reply to an accusation in such an indicting manner and to the extent of narrowing his options of defence. (If you know, you know!) After all, who cannot write in simple English language, most especially if your profession is a ‘cousin’ to the legal profession?
‘Mr. Smart’ can do it himself and consequently drafted the partnership agreement all by himself. His ‘partner’ has served him a letter to give account of all money received into his personal account, remit same to the company’s account and submit all company property in his possession. Mr. Smart is still smartly fighting for his right to co-own the company.
The list is endless! The tenancy agreement drafted by the landlord, typed and printed at a computer business center and signed by the tenant! The affidavit procured in front of the various court houses! The business registration commenced via D.I.Y. and ‘decorated’ by CAC queries. The property transferred between friends and business partners all alone; and so on.
Doing it yourself may not be a bad idea until you DROWN IN YOURSELF. D.I.Y. is a good idea until a better option surfaces. The place of mentorship cannot be overemphasized, the place of legal counsel cannot be undermined and safety lies in multitude of counsel.
Why call your lawyer to clean up your mess when you can avoid creating the mess in the first place? Cleaning up clients’ mess is one of the lawyer’s job but it cost more to clean up the mess than to avoid the mess.
And let’s play on words, friends? What other words can be developed from the acronym D.I.Y? You can leave your answer in the comment section or inbox reply.



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